The Licensing Machine (TLM) is the business development unit of Panini Group that:

  • deals with evaluating and managing multi-platform projects of collections and physical or virtual games that operate on interactive virtual platforms and are distributed by third-party companies such as, for example, the arcade game WCCF/FOOTISTA distributed in Asia by SEGA JAPAN;
  • undertakes acquisition of sports licenses (club and national teams, associations of football players and individual athletes) on behalf of third parties (e.g. Sega Europe, Bandai, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Mattel);
  • manages licensing of Panini corporate brands worldwide, relating to non-core product categories of, as well as collaborations with third-party brands (;
  • represents media rights of Japanese Anime NARUTO and BORUTO in GAS and Iberia;
  • manages the development of the project PANINI COMICS ORIGINALS, i.e. the transposition in the audiovisual world of editorial products under the Panini Comics brand.

The Selling Agency activity of publishing area is where licences are acquired for subsequent re-sale. For example Panini represents worldwide comic book publishing rights for many best-selling comics companies, such as Marvel Comics and Sergio Bonelli Editore (Panini Comics' Licensing-Out – web: